Now or never

Golden Week (Period of consecutive national holidays in May.)has safely come to an end, and the Covid19has finally reached Level Five here in Japan,it is bringing me a sense of relief.

I am delighted to see many foreign tourists returning to Ishigaki Island. At the same time, I have been reflecting on the various memories and hardships of the past three years.

While expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work in a job I love, I am eagerly looking forward to the Okinawa tourism during the high season. I can’t wait to assist new customers and contribute to creating unforgettable memories on Ishigaki Island once again.


今年も皆様の素敵な一年になりますように^ ^

「好きな人と好きな時に好きな事を好きなだけやる」をモットーに、楽しくてピョンピョン跳ねるくらい良い年になりますように!「石垣島で忘れられない想い出」はぜひぜひ穀千屋&Yadokari民泊へ^ ^


穀千屋 代表 中村周二郎